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  Procedure for buying a house in Turkey  

The procedure for registration of real estate for non Turkish citizens buying property in the territory of the Republic of Turkey. Turkey has established most straightforward procedure for registration of property to citizens of foreign countries. This process can be divided into stages:

Choose your property. Perhaps the most difficult stage, because in our region offers a wide range of residential and commercial real estate, and the prices very attractive. Drawing up a contract with an agency or directly with the builder. If you buy a property, the contract is drawn up in your language, and Turkish.
After signing the documents the documents are sent to the Military Department in Izmir, where during the coming 2-3 months permission is given to buy property in Turkey.
The fact that not every apartment or villa can be sold to a foreigner. There are a few prerequisites, such as the property must not be near to the gendarmerie, a military unit, etc., as not within a radius of not less than 500 meters to a forest area. Our company, before the offer for sale any property, carefully examine these possibilities of selling to foreign nationals. Once permission is obtained, it can be used within 2 years.
Obtaining permission - is a paid service, cost, including case management services to local inventory management, is about 270-350 euros (depending on the fluctuations of the euro). 
Getting Tapu - a document of ownership. Date of receipt of TAPU: 1-2 working days. Making technical certificate for the apartment, transfer meter for water and electricity to the new owner. This step is not necessarily performed immediately after the sale, may be postponed and the next visit.

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   Price Range  
 20,000  - 40,000     EUR
 40,000  - 60,000     EUR
 60,000  - 80,000     EUR
 80,000  - 100,000    EUR
 100,000 - 140,000   EUR
 140,000 - 180,000   EUR
 180,000 - 220,000   EUR
 220,000 - 280,000   EUR
 280,000 - 340,000+ EUR



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